S.D. Warren - Ghosting


Ghosting remains a problem throughout the printing industry. Ghosts having a mechanical origin—related to form layout, press capacities, plate or blanket difficulties—can usually be identified accurately and quickly and corrected by common sense remedies. However, ghosts of a chemical origin—caused by interruptions and variations in ink drying cycles—are more troublesome. This is because their occurrence is erratic, making them hard both to prevent and to correct. The exhibits and theories presented in this booklet that refer to chemical ghosting comprise the most workable and reliable information that we have been able to garner through research and practical experience. Although there may be varying opinions about the precise nature of why certain ghosts occur, these analyses and recommended remedies are based on practical experience and on deliberate efforts to create ghosts. The accompanying printed demonstrations are not actual ghosts. In order to maintain uniformity, these prints were contrived to show the many different forms in which ghosts appear.