eQ Journal —
Issue 5

Recycling paper is a great way to reduce our environmental footprint—but how we put that fiber to use is not a simple one-size-fits-all solution.

2015 Sustainability Report

The rapidly changing world around us is having a widespread impact on just about everything: global economies, industries, markets, consumer trends and our planet’s resources.

eQ Journal — Issue 4

As an industry leader with years of field experience and technical knowledge, we know it is our duty to show how sustainable forestry results in healthier forests and thriving wildlife.

Taking the Guilt Out of Paper

Go inside a sustainably managed forest to see how Sappi is having a positive impact on the health of forests, the animals that live there, and the overall environment. You’ll never look at paper the same way again.

Beyond the Chasing Arrows

A “please recycle” message doesn’t have to be the ubiquitous chasing arrows we’ve all seen. In fact, it can be any interpretation of the message you can think of. This is a great opportunity to flex your creative muscle while helping the planet.

Cloquet: The Industry Standard for Environmental Performance

Sappi’s Cloquet Mill has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any paper mill in the world.